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Port Austin Bible Campus, 8180 Port Drive, PO Box 474, Port Austin,
Michigan, USA, 48467.  •  989-738-7700  •  pabc@portaustin.net
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About PABC

"'You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind,' and 'your neighbor as yourself'" (Luke 22:36).

Mission Plan

Port Austin Bible Campus ministers to the poor and homeless people in Michigan's thumb, providing for their physical and spiritual needs of people who will accept our Chrisitan service.

PABC serves primarily Huron, Sanilac and Tuscola counties. Adjoining counties are considered for specific reasons where PABC may be able to efficiently help in ways that others cannot. Those contacting PABC from further away are nearly always referred elsewhere.

Services Provided

PABC provides homeless people a place to stay, and then encourages them to do as much as they can for themselves. If they have money for food, or a government card, then they can take care of that themselves, otherwise, PABC feeds them. PABC's Guests must accumulate a certain number of Voluntary Points every month-helping to pay for the cost of their utilities or make other essential improvements to the campus..

The following are the main services provided by PABC. All services are limited by available staff, funds and facilities available at any given time.

  1. Emergency (same day) temporary housing in either a men's, women's or family dormitory
  2. A kitchenette and food as needed—most are eligible for "food stamps".
  3. Transportation to jobs (Most do not have a vehicle and many do not have a driver's license.)
  4. Transportation to medical, legal and other essential appointments
  5. Access to jobs, housing programs and other agencies as needed
  6. Assistance obtaining lost ID: Drivers License, Birth Certificate, Social Security Card or DD214 (military discharge).
  7. Certification of Homelessness—required for key government housing programs.
  8. Free telephone, internet and mailing address—essential to obtaining a job today
  9. On site recovery group meetings four times per week
  10. Daily Bible classes and a weekly community meal/meeting
  11. A small community of friends (Some Guests have trouble making friends. Many guests who meet at PABC remain friends for many years after leaving—sharing housing, transportation, childcare, etc.) Encouragement for each Guest to make the right decisions in their individual situations. Accountability to discourage Guests from wasting their time and money or associating with people who will get them into trouble.

People Not Accepted by PABC

PABC does not accept people in the following categories for the safety of other PABC guests and to comply with federal, state and local laws:

  1. Registered Sex Offenders.
  2. People who openly advocate immorality.
  3. People currently engaged in criminal activity. (This includes those in our country illegally.)
  4. People practicing Satanism, witchcraft or other religions devoted to evil or deciept.
  5. Substance abusers who do not want help with their addictions.
Contact Information
  • Call: 989-738-7700 (any time for true emergencies)

  • E-mail: PABC@portaustin.net

  • Write (offerings accepted): Port Austin Bible Campus, PO Box 474, Port Austin, Michigan 48467-0474

  • Visit: 8180 Port Drive, Port Austin, Michigan 48467