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PABC Guests with Conservators, Guardians or Payees updated 7/28/14

PABC, within its capabilities, does accept Guests who have a legal Conservator, Guardian or Representative Payee for their government assistance checks. However, PABC does not want to enable Guests to continue behavior that is destructive to themselves. PABC does not want guests who have money that they will spend on alcohol, drugs, pornography or other vices. Also, PABC does not want weaker Guests to be taken advantage of by its stronger or more deceitful Guests.

PABC has limited staff and financial resources, and may not be able to help some people in these categories. Specifically, PABC does not have the ability to continually monitor the whereabouts of its Guests or to prevent them from leaving its campus or from buying things from other guests or nearby stores. PABC does not cook for its guests or assist them in dressing, hygiene, etc. Any Custodian—Conservator, Guardian or Representative Payee—should not consider placing a person here at PABC as a guest if these services are required.

If a Guest requires any kind of special attention, other than handling of their money, PABC requests that their Custodian inform PABC of these requirements in writing. PABC requests the following when a Custodian receives money for the benefit of a PABC Guest:

  1. The Custodian should make a payment of $200 each month to one of our utility vendors on behalf of our Guest. This can be done by check, money order, electronic payment or cash. Check with PABC for the name, address and account numbers. A receipt from the utility vendor will be provided to you.
  2. The Custodian should make a payment to PABC for gasoline expense if we need to provide transportation to the Guest. This can be done in advance based upon an estimate, or in arrears based upon PABC's records of transportation provided.
  3. The Custodian should pay to PABC any monies, in trust, that PABC is supposed to ensure the Guest spends in a specific manner. PABC will either purchase the items for the guest or make them available to the guest exactly when the guest needs them.

The Guest and his/her Custodian (specify title) accept the above terms:

Guest: __________________________________________  Date: ______________

Custodian:_______________________________________  Date: ______________

Custodian Title: _________________________________