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PABC Transportation Rules
draft copy 7/28/14, not fully implemented

  1. Drivers must be licensed.
  2. Drivers must have a standing written permission from PABC staff that has not been revoked.
  3. Drivers must fill out the Driver's Log provided, including time and milage
  4. Drivers must stop only at locations on their log. Changes along the way must be approved by a call to PABC staff.
  5. Drivers must help with costs if they are able. (May need a more definite rule.)
  6. Drivers need to return the keys and completed Driver's log when they return.
  7. Drivers are responsible for cleaning up any leftover bottles or other trash that they or their riders may have left in the vehicle.
  8. Driver's must report any difficulty they had with the vehicle or with any passenger on driver's log.
  9. A driver may refuse to drive a specific Guest if he has previously caused trouble for him.
  10. Driver's are not allowed to request or accept any money for driving. Guest passengers should let the PABC ministry know if a Driver is asking to be compensated for his/her services.
  11. Drivers who deliberately go places without authorizaiton, who falseify the driver's log or who allow unauthorized persons to drive the vehicle may be discontinued as drivers or subject to legal prosecution.