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PABC Vital Guest Rules updated 11/9/17

PABC Guest Guidebook (the long version)
  1. Stay in communication with PABC, courts, government agencies, relatives, friends, etc. Lack of communication causes homelessness and is caused by homelessness. You must inform the PABC staff about any any criminal, family, civil or CPS case in which you are involved—or if you are arrested or cited for a new case. Keep us updated about major changes. This includes traffic tickets, domestic issues and all other cases.
    • You may receive mail to your name at 8180 Port Drive, Port Austin, Michigan 48467. We deliver Guest mail daily and outgoing mail can be left at the ministry office to be mailed.
    • You may reach a staff member at 989-738-7700 almost any time—day or night. If nobody answers, call back in a few minutes. Use 7774, the office direct line, where you can leave a message for the director. You may ask for staff member's cell phone numbers. Guests in the family dorm can use the free phone upstairs in the TV/computer/phone room. Guests in the men's and women's dorm can use the free phone in the ministry office lobby.
    • Since you have access to the Staff, you must allow the Staff to reach you. Keep the Staff informed of all your current cell phone numbers, email addresses and social media names. You must answer or read such communications and answer them as appropriate.
    • Guests may ask to obtain a computer account and password for the computers in the same rooms as the phones, above. If you are found sharing your account or password with others, it will be taken away from you. A PABC computer keeps track of the website URLs visited—but does not save your private information. Avoid pornographic, demonic, occult, hacker and other unchristian sites.
  2. Stay Away from our neighbor's property! PABC has had some former-prisoners and dishonest people as Guests. Our neighbors do not want themselves, their families or their property to be victims of crime. They do not know which of our guests might be dangerous and which are not. We may not know either. Therefore, we require that all of our guests stay off of our neighbors property. If we or our neighbors find you there, we will require you to leave PABC immediately. Please do not go anywhere beside the main street where where the gym, office, dining hall and dormitories are located. Do not go to the campground or baseball diamond south of campus, nor to the houses north of campus. Do not take any shortcuts through the woods or open land when walking to the Dollar store or to town. This is an easy rule to follow. Please follow it even if our neighbors invite you to their property—they might want you to visit, but other neighbors may not.
  3. Attend group meetings and classes according to the currently posted schedules. As of this writing:
          Monday - Friday class at 9:15 each morning
          Weekly Meetings Tuesday at 5:30 P.M. (Dinner for everyone at 5:00 P.M.)
    Work at scheduled work assignments, both individual or campus-wide work parties. Attend any individual appointments with the PABC ministry or outside service providers. Be in your own room from every night from midnight to 6:00 A.M.If you need to smoke during this time, go to the nearest smoking area for one cigarette and return. Be quiet between 10:00 P.M. and 8:00 A.M.—no loud talking, laughing or electronic devices. Also, avoid moving heavy objects or anything that hits the walls or the floors hard.
  4. If you have a job or other essential appointment, you can be excused from anything in the previous point, but you must fill out a PABC "Exception to Required Event" form and deposit it in the box in front of the main ministry office. If possible, please put the slip in the box before the missed event. If it is not possible or if you forget, put the slip into the box before 1:00 PM—call a friend to do it if that is the only way to be on time. Those who need permission to miss events on a regular basis must request the PABC staff to permanently alter their schedule. In order to be excused for emergencies, PABC Guests must show PABC staff the paperwork from that emergency: hospital discharge paper, court summons/subpoena, overtime work request, etc. If Guests do not receive any paper documenting an emergency, it is their responsibility to ask for it—even if it is a hand-written note.
  5. PABC provides transportation for Guests if all of the following are true:
    • they have no other way to obtain transportation
    • they provide gas money if they are able
    • they are going to work or an essential appointment
    • they request transportation on the sign up sheet two days in advance (or with as much lead-time as they have)
    • they do not ask the drivers to make stops not authorized by PABC
    • they make diligent and immediate effort to notify PABC staff and drivers when they have scheduled a ride that, for whatever reason, becomes no longer necessary
  6. Keep your room clean and in good working order. If someone else damages your door or room, or steals anything in your room, report it to PABC staff immediately so justice may be done. If you do not report it by the next day, you will be held responsible! Rooms will usually be inspected on Wednesdays between Noon and 9:00 P.M.— whether you are home or not. Also, participate in work for the cleaning, maintenance and improvement of the common areas and the campus as a whole—just as anyone would need to take care of the place they live when they leave PABC. We will only assign work that you are able to do; we will try to find work that you like to do.
  7. Do not use alcoholic beverages, on or off campus. While the Bible teaches moderate use of wine and beer, these things are luxuries more than necessities. Guests should help to pay their utility expenses and save for their future rather than consume their funds on alcohol. By becoming a PABC Guest, you agree to either take breathalyser tests whenever we choose to administer them, or leave the PABC property.
  8. Respect other's living space: Do not go into anyone else's room unless you have permission from the person living in it. Women must stay out of the men's dorm and men must stay out of the women's dorm. Guests living in dorms must stay out of the family section unless they have specific permission to be there. Guests agree that PABC may use electronic surveillance to the extent allowed by law to minimize theft, violence, vandalism, adultery and fornication on campus.
  9. The Bible teaches that sexual activity belongs exclusively in marriage. PABC does not permit sexual activity among its gets unless they are married or came to PABC as a couple and PABC has told them that they will be treated like they are married. (The Bible has no example of a minister, priest or public official "performing" a marriage—marriage is a binding agreement between the parties.) Public displays of affection are not permitted on the PABC campus. Single PABC guests should not seek out hidden places for romantic affection or sexual activity. Years of experience have shown that most romantic relationships that began among Guests on campus do not work out well. They are nearly always relationships of convenience—not well planned or blessed by God. It is much better to find housing and a job first, and then begin a romantic relationship when both people are emotionally mature.
  10. Smoking is permitted only in the designated areas—even in bad weather. These areas are the picnic tables east of the main ministry building, the front of the dining hall (under the roof nearby when it is raining) and outside the dormitories If this is difficult, use it to help you quit smoking! Do not smoke walking around campus.
  11. Do not create strong odors of any kind inside PABC buildings: air freshener, incense, candles, etc. Everyone shares the air-especially in the winter time when the common heating systems run. Everyone does not like the same smells. If a room smells bad due to diapers, rotting food, dirty clothes or other mess, the room needs to be better cleaned, not covered up with a chemical smell. The diaper disposal trash can is located outside of the dining hall on the northeast side.
  12. Do not spend the night off campus without written permission by PABC staff. After three years of experience, PABC has found that Guests who spend numerous nights away from PABC end up getting into much more trouble than those who are nearly always here on time each night. Therefore, we are requiring Guests to have a PABC staff member sign the "Exception to Required Event" slip before they put it into the "big white box". In general, permission will be granted to leave only for worthwhile reasons. Overnight stays at houses known for alcohol, drugs, illicit sex, or criminal activity will not be permitted. PABC does not wish to provide a "home base" for people who want to continue living the same destructive lifestyle that helped to make them homeless. Also, it makes little sense for a Guest to occupy a room at PABC if they have a place to stay at one or more friends' houses. More and more people have no alternative other than PABC. Finally, Guests are not allowed to leave if their room or their kitchen is messy.
  13. Be conservative of all resources: Use only necessary water and electricity; keep heat as low as comfortable; turn off lights, fans and other appliances when you leave a room. When eating community food, only take what you need to eat. If you need to go off campus, use the Thumb Area Transit bus if possible. If that is not possible, please ask for a ride as far in advance as possible so your trip can be combined with other's trips.
  14. Be financially responsible; pay your share of utilities if possible. Save receipts from all income and expenses over $10 while at PABC. Everyone should want to do what they can to help provide for their ongoing existence. The costs of utilities (electricity, gas, water, sewer, Internet and phone) make up over 60% of all PABC expenses. We could not continue without guest participation in this. Each family unit must contribute $200 per month from income or monetary assistance payments. If that is not possible each family unit will be required to produce a budget, income/expense list and receipts showing that nearly all of their funds are going to other more critical purposes. Contact PABC staff in advance about any necessary special arrangements. Checks or money orders can be made directly to Detroit Edison, Consumers Energy, Hillcrest Water Board or Centurylink if desired, but an individual receipt is difficult to obtain. Cash, checks and money orders may be paid to our utility Trust account, a receipt will be provided and the above utilities will be paid as necessary from that account.
  15. Cooperate with campus trash disposal and recycling. If you no longer want something, and it might be useful to someone else, ask PABC staff where it might be used or stored. Do not simply throw all your trash into one can. Separate trash into the following categories--you will find cans for these things near the outside burn barrel and possibly boxes in your kitchen/utility room.
    1. Refundable cans & bottles: Rinse them out to avoid odor; return them yourself or let PABC return them.
    2. Tin cans: Again, rinse them out. We sell these for a few dollars every couple months.
    3. Aluminum cans/foil: If you don't know, borrow a magnet!
    4. Glass Bottles: Glass colors may be combined. Empty and rinse first!
    5. Chicken feed: All Food, even spoiled, goes into the chicken yard. No chicken meat or egg shells—burn those.
    6. Burnable items: If possible, burn your own trash in the outside burn barrel. Or, share in burning trash from your area. Please pick out the above items before burning.
    7. Other trash: Very few things fall into this category. There is a can for this kind of trash near the outside burn-barrel, in the kitchen garage and in the ministry office. We must pay to have this trash taken away.
  16. Expect Consequences! These rules are not difficult and we hope Guests would want to follow them in appreciation of a place to stay. Indeed, a person who flagrantly and willfully violates these rules may be required to leave PABC for one infraction. Yet, PABC realizes that some Guests have had little experience with an organized and orderly life, and may struggle greatly to follow such rules. Therefore PABC may decide to use some kind of corrective means to encourage Guests to learn to follow them, but still remain at PABC. A person who is not complying may be given additional rules, may be monitored on a more frequent basis, bay be restricted from TV, Internet, recreation facilities, off campus travel or certain areas of campus. A written warning will be given to guests to notify them of any additional restrictions. A person caught cheating on restriction will probably be given more restrictions. Guests who cannot learn from these methods of correction will eventually be asked to leave PABC.
  17. Help Maintain PABC Rules for Everyone. PABC is never going to operate like a prison, with a paid staff, secure facilities and electronic monitoring equipment—physically enforcing compliance with its rules. PABC operates as a cooperative community with all members and guests helping to enforce its rules for the good of all. When one Guest becomes aware of another Guest ignoring PABC rules, he or she should first gently remind the other Guest. If the infraction continues, the PABC guest should be a faithful witness to the problem and inform the PABC staff. PABC guests who disagree with the PABC rules should seek a change in the rules by writing the PABC staff or discussing it at a PABC meeting. This is the method of governance for a free people.

    Unfortunately, many people do not accept this means of governance—they believe it is always wrong to be a "snitch"—to go to authorities about their peers, regardless of whether they are telling the truth or lying to get them in trouble. But the Bible teaches that we should always be faithful witnesses about real problems of which we have knowledge, and we should not gossip about other's problems of which we do not have direct knowledge. Furthermore, PABC will not continue to operate with large scale rule-breaking by its guests. So, when it is evident that PABC rules are being routinely broken, and the existing members are not doing what they could do to prevent it, PABC will use a principle of governing a servant people found in Deuteronomy 20:10-15. If PABC cannot figure out which guests are violating its rules, and if the other guests will not help, then it will simply require all guests who have been present for over a certain length of time to leave. This way, PABC will be left with only recent guests, who are still appreciative of what it provides and willing to follow the rules.
  18. Make Physical and Spiritual Progress. PABC hopes to set a Christian example of kindness, love, and physical help, as well as provide spiritual teaching. It does not intend to be simply a cheap place to stay. It expects its Guests to use these blessings to make progress in their own lives. Guests will be expected to fit into one of these three categories:
    • Emergency housing. This typically lasts one or two months. The Guest is expected to work as quickly as possible to obtain any necessary documents, find a job, enroll in a housing program and leave PABC. As staff are availably, PABC will require these Guests to look for jobs, apply for housing, and take care of other matters on a timely basis or leave PABC.
    • Transitional housing. This is an extended version of the above, only for people who may have disability, health or other issues that prevent them from moving down the path in the previous category. PABC will give guests a written notice if they are approved for this category.
    • PABC Apprenticeship.This is a training program for Guests who want to stay at PABC a longer time and help in this ministry. The goal is to provide a path for Guests who seek our Messiah as their personal Savior, to develop a love for others and to participate in this ministry. Even so, PABC realizes that a spiritual change cannot come about through a set of rules or a program. But the apprenticeship will provide the necessary steps and tools for those who want to make the effort. Each apprentice will need to attend the 8:00 A.M. staff Bible studies, all Port Austin Bible Church meetings and have a work and Bible study plan to carry out every day. PABC approval is required for entry into this category.