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Help with Housing

Housing assistance providers are listed below for each county. We encourage people to stay as close as possible to where they have family, friends, job connections, school history, etc. Transportation is expensive and many shelters do not provide it. However, you may need to stay further away because of shelter restrictions. Call in advance: shelters are sometimes full. Also, some may not accept:

  • all genders
  • children of certain ages or who have only an opposite sex parent
  • people with any violent history
  • people with certain felonies
  • non-veterans
  • registered sex offenders
  • active substance abusers
  • people required to leave shelters for rules violations
Since emergency housing is difficult to find in the Thumb, information is also provided for Port Huron, Bay City/Saginaw and Flint. The HARA Agencies for all Michigan counties provide access to government housing programs.

Are you being Evicted?
(If not skip to table, below.)

Many people do not understand the future difficulty that an eviction will cause them. Eviction requires multiple stages and the more states you go through, the more trouble you will have renting housing in the future. Anyone who is or might be evicted needs to know these things:

  1. Knowing your landlord wants you to leave. If your landlord verbally tells you that he wants you to leave, immediately make plans to go elsewhere. If the notice is not in writing, you are still responsible for 30 days of rent after notice is given. If you have having financial trouble paying rent, the best thing is often for you to give a 30-notice to your landlord This will keep the total rent you will owe him to a minimum. If you give him notice in the middle of a month, you will only have to pay through the middle of the next month. Arrange to store your possessions and thoroughly clean your unit—ask someone for help if you need it. You might be able to use some of your deposit as rent rather than for cleaning fees. Homeless shelters will often accept you if you explain that you are leaving because you know you cannot pay rent. However, some "homelessness prevention" programs cannot give you funds until you are further in the eviction process. Check with the HARA Agency in your county to see if you qualify and if they program presently has funds available. If you have no future source of income, you may not qualify.
  2. Receiving a “Notice to Quit” This notice can give you 7 days to leave for non-payment or rent or 30 days for almost any other reason to ask you to leave. This paper is not filed in court. If the cause is non-payment of rent or some lease violation (too many people, too much noise, too dirty, etc.), the landlord's company will certainly keep a record of it and such information is shared with other landlords through landlord associations. Without a very good explanation, most landlords that find out about these Notice to Quit will not want to rent to you. On the positive side, most shelters and some government programs will provide immediate help to you when you have a Notice to Quit.
  3. Court case filed. A landlord may file a court case simply to get possession, to recover unpaid rent, to receive restitution for property damage or dirtiness—or all of the above. This writer found conflicting information as to whether the simple filing of a case causes an entry to be made on your credit report: some sources said no, other said yes. If you, the renter, can pay for the rent or damages due (plus court costs) before the case comes to trial, the case con be dismissed rather than finding you guilty. Judgments for money can be removed from credit reports when they are paid in full. Even if the judgment still remains on a credit report, being able to show a landlord that the judgment has been paid is a good way to get one's case reconsidered. If you cannot pay everything owing, it is best to pursue housing programs or move to a shelter as quickly as possible. Usually, rent continues to accumulate day by day. They less you have to pay, the quicker you will be able to pay it off.
  4. Case goes to trial--usually a writ of eviction is issued giving the landlord possession in 10 days. If you win the trial because the landlord was not following the law, a record of your eviction case will still likely appear on your credit report. Some tenant associations are introducing legislation to remove credit report entries when a tenant wins the case. That does not always happen now, so you may still to explain an eviction to a new landlord, even if you won the case. But losing an eviction case will stay on your record for seven years and many good rental companies will not rent to you. Small, private landlords or landlords desperate for renters are the best places to rent if you lose an eviction trial. On the positive side, almost every hosing program and shelter will help you if they have availability.
  5. Writ of eviction carried out—your possessions put on the street by the Sheriff. About 10 days after an eviction trial, if you have not left your unit, the landlord can have the Sheriff require you to leave the unit or be arrested for trespassing. All of your possessions still in the unit will be taken to the curb of the street where anyone is free to pick them up. Yes, somebody can walk off with your favorite stereo, music collection DVDs, video games, clothes, furniture or anything else, and law enforcement will probably not help you. It is obviously better to seek help well before this happens. While credit reports may not show whether or not the eviction process was carried out, landlord association databases probably will. Landlords are very unhappy with renters that put them through this difficulty!

Housing Help for Nearby Counties

HURON COUNTY: Address Who They Help Services Provided
Blue Water Center for Independent Living 810-648-2555, 810-434-1751; f:989-269-5422 PO Box 29, Bad Axe, MI 48413 (offices in Sandusky)   email: Stephanienagey@bwcil.org Adults in Huron County. They make weekly visits to Huron County Access to numerous housing programs, both short and long-term. Help with tenants rights.
Department of Human Services
989-269-9201; After hours: 800-322-4822
1911 Sand Beach Rd
Bad Axe, MI 48413
Everyone in Huron County, Access to numerous housing programs, medical care, food and cash assistance.
Human Development Commission
989-269-9502 fax:989-269-6166
150 Nugent St
Bad Axe, MI 48413
email: MelissaC@hdc-caro.org
Everyone in Huron County, Access to housing programs, deposits, utility assistance, etc.
Huron County Homeless Solutions, Kathie Harrison: 989-269-9293 desk:989-269-0373 1108 S Van Dyke
Bad Axe, Mi 48413
Anyone in Huron County A good starting place. Some direct aid and access to most other homeless resources.
Huron County SafePlace,
989-269-5300, Crisis Line: 888-849-7233,
PO Box 8
Bad Axe, Mich. 48413
Women & their children only; mainly abused ones, homeless also Housing, food, counseling, case management, legal aid, household items upon exit.
Michigan House of Hope
Jeffery Kramer, 989-582-0063
New Facility coming in 2019 Michigan Thumb area Emergency housing and year-long (approximately) Christian recovery program.
Port Austin Bible Campus
Probably closing June 2018 (ministry to the homeless, Norman Edwards, 989-738-7700)
8180 Port Drive
PO Box 474
Port Austin, Mich. 48467
Anyone 17 & older; primarily Huron, Tuscola & Sanilac counties Emergency and transitional housing. Stay length based upon continued personal improvement.
SANILAC COUNTY: Address: Who They Help Services Provided
Blue Water Center for Independent Living, 810-664-9098. 810-648-2555. 103 E. Sanilac, Ste. 3
Sandusky, MI 48471
Adults in Sanilac County Access to numerous housing programs, both short and long-term..
Department of Human Services, 810-648-4420, fax: 810-648-4420 515 S. Sandusky
Sandusky, MI 48471
Anyone in Sanilac County Access to numerous housing programs, medical care, food and cash assistance.
Eva’s Place,
810-672-9467, Crisis 866-336-7283
P.O. Box 29
Sandusky, MI 48471
Women, & children to 17. Primarily Sanilac County Domestic violence and homeless shelter. counseling, case management, food and other assistance.
Human Development Commission
810-648-4497 FAX:810-648-5422
215 N. Elk St, P.O. Box 207
Sandusky, MI 48471
Everyone in Sanilac County Access to housing programs, deposits, utility assistance, etc.
Sanilac Community Foundation
47 Austin St
PO Box 307
Sandusky, MI 48471
Sanilac County Residents Access to housing programs, deposits, utility assistance, etc.
TUSCOLA COUNTY: Address: Who They Help Services Provided
Anka Behavioral Health, Inc
Ian McCormick, 989-455-1933 or 989-691-5143
3258 Ringle Rd
Akron, MI 48701
Single male veterans, any discharge but "dis-honorable" Housing, food, transportation, case management, jobs, substance abuse, etc.
Blue Water Center for Independent Living Alex. 989-673-3678
1184 Cleaver
Caro MI 48723
Any adult in Tuscola county Access to numerous housing programs, both short and long-term..
Department of Human Services
989-673-9100 fax: 989-673-9209
1365 Cleaver Rd.
Caro MI 48723
Anyone in Tuscola County Access to numerous housing programs, medical care, food and cash assistance.
Human Development Commission
989-673-4121 FAX:989-673-2031
429 Montague Ave.
Caro, MI 48723
Everyone in Huron County, Access to housing programs, deposits, utility assistance, etc.
Thumb Area Assault Crisis Center, Crisis: 800-292-3666 429 Montague Ave
Caro, MI 48723
Women and children up to 17 years old. Domestic violence & homeless shelter, counseling and case management.
Tuscola County Homeless Coalition, 989-672-7674 fax: 989-672-7674 157 N State St
PO Box 323
Caro, Michigan 48723
Anyone in need of housing. A good starting place. Some direct aid and access to most other homeless resources.
Tuscola Peer Center
Eric Pinkoski 989-673-0273
146 W. Lincoln
PO Box 48
Caro, MI 48723
Referrals from community mental health organizations Provide transitional shelter for up to 30 days, limited availability.
PORT HURON AREA: Address: Who They Help Services Provided
Blue Water Area Rescue Mission, Debbie: 810-956-0768 1920 24th St
Port Huron, MI 48060
Men only—Clair County residents. Emergency housing, food, etc. Discipleship program.
Blue Water Safe Horizons &.
Carolyn’s Place, 888-985-5538
PO Box 610247
Port Huron, MI 48061
Women only: DV, homeless Emergency housing, counseling, recovery services.
The Harbor
Sally Currie, 810-982-8584.
929 Pine Street, Port Huron, Michigan 48060 St Clair County ages 10-17 Two week stay; See Wings for a longer stay.
Pathway Shelter
810-982-1020 (Call from 4 p.m. to 8 a.m.).
511 Union Street
Port Huron, Mich. 48060
St. Claire and Sanilac county residents Emergency housing age 18 & up: single men (homeless & DV), couples, families
Michigan Prisoner Reentry Program
888-711-LINK(5465) 24/7
1333 Brewery Park Blvd. Ste. 300, Detroit, MI 48207 Former Prisoners in Michigan Housing and many other services only for parolees leaving prison.
Wings of the Harbor Transitional Living Program, 810-989-9602 1114 Court Street
Port Huron, Mich. 48060
Homeless youth ages 16-21 18-month shelter, skills training and support services.
BAY CITY / SAGINAW / MIDLAND: Address: Who They Help Services Provided
Bay Area Women’s Center
Crisis:800-834-2098, Admin: 989-686-2251 Facebook
P.O. Box 1458
3411 E. Midland Rd.
Bay City, MI 48706
Abused and victimized Women and children (not simply homeless) Emergency and transitional housing, DV & Sexual assault help, legal & housing advocacy
City Rescue Mission of Saginaw, 989-752-6051 1021 Burt St
Saginaw, MI 48607
Men & women. Only one family room available. Housing for adults & children. Children over 9 must be with same-sex parent.
Cory Place,
989-895-5563 Facebook
581 North Scheurmann Road,
Bay City; MI 48708
Homeless and troubled youth up to age 20 Emergency housing, case management, guidance.
Emmaus House of Saginaw
733 South 14th St, Saginaw, Michigan 48601 Women from incarceration or substance abuse rehab programs 14 homes with live-in staff or senior guest. No specific length of stay.
Good Samaritan Rescue Mission, 989-893-5973 713 9th St
Bay City, MI  48708
Men and Women, Mostly Bay County residents Emergency housing, 7-day initial, then must sign up for a program
HUD-VASH (Housing and Urban Development Veterans Admin. Supported Housing) 989-497-2500, 800-406-5143 Aleda E. Lutz VA Medical Center
1500 Weiss
Saginaw, MI 48602
Veterans, any discharge but "dis-honorable" Help with housing, job training and other skills necessary to improve quality of life.
Inner Link (Saginaw County Youth Protection Council)
Johnny Gibson 989-753-3431
Howard St
Saginaw, MI 48601
17 to 21 years—mostly from Tri-cities area and Tuscola county Homeless teens stay maximum of 18 month with 6 month aftercare. A short-term program is also available.
Mustard Seed Shelter
1325 Cherry St
Saginaw, Mi 48601
Women and their families Shelter, recovery support, counselling, life & parenting skills.
Restoration Community Outreach
1205 Norman St
Saginaw, Mi 48601
Homeless men, mostly from Saginaw Emergency and temporary housing. Will take alcoholics, but inspect bags and use Breathalyzer upon each entry.
Safe Haven House
621 S Fayette St
Saginaw, Mi 48602
Apparently women and children Emergency and transitional housing. Numerous services to break homelessness cycle.
Underground Railroad
PO Box 2451
Saginaw, MI 48605
People involved in sexual abuse, trafficking, mostly from Saginaw Emergency shelter (up to 90 days), advocacy, counselling, legal assistance ,etc.
Midland's Open Door
989-835-2291 office@midlandopendoor.org
PO Box 1614
Midland, MI 48641
Men Crisis shelter, food, Christian fellowship, emergency info
House of Mercy
989-835-2291 x103
1678 E Chippewa River Rd
Midland, MI 48640
Women and their children Crisis shelter, food, Christian fellowship, emergency info
FLINT AREA: Address: Who They Help Services Provided
Catholic Charities
810-232-9950 Facebook
901 Chippewa St.
Flint, Michigan 48503
Anyone--even out of the area. Have some shelters, access to others.
Genesee Health Systems Community Housing Program
422 W. 4th Ave
Flint, MI 48503
Anyone in Genesee County Access to local housing.
Our Home Transitional
432 N Saginaw St #206
Flint, MI - 48502
Women who are mentally stable Housing environment
Phinisee Outreach Shelter for Women
PO Box 556
Flint, MI - 48501
Homeless female veterans & their children Housing and other help. New program.
Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center 810-234-2678 2200 North Dort Highway
Flint, MI 48506
Substance abuse residential rehabilitation program for men. Six to twelve months duration with strong spiritual content.
LAPEER AREA: Address: Who They Help Services Provided
United Way of Lapeer County Housing Resource Center, 810-664-0255, (810-141-9990?). 3333 John Conley Dr Ste 101
Lapeer, MI 48446
Lapeer County Residents Single Point of entry for all Lapeer homeless services.
JACKSON and DETROIT AREAs: Address: Who They Help Services Provided
Jackson Interfaith Shelter, 517-789-8735. 414 S Blackstone St
Jackson, Michigan 49201
People from Southeastern Michigan “...working with the homeless and needy giving them emergency shelter, prepared meals and assisting with other physical, emotional and spiritual needs when possible.”
Grace Centers of Hope
855-435-7424 248-334-2187 info@gracecentersofhope.org
35 East Huron Street
Pontiac, MI 48342
Men's Women's and Children's programs Shelter, food, clothing, hygiene, mailing address, Internet, phone and case management
First Step
24-hour help: 734-722-6800 or 888-453-5900
44567 Pinetree Drive
Plymouth, MI 48170
People in need Emergency & transitional housing, assault response, child advocacy

Registered sex offenders may also consider the resources on this page.

An adequate place to live...

An adequate place to live...